About Zombocalypse 2

Zombocalypse 2 is the recent edition of the popular shooting game with was developed in 2017 year. The game is rather big, more than 20 mb so it will take some time to load. Please be patient and don't close the browser, the game is worth it. Developers did a really great job, by adding new levels, new weapons and making new gameplay. The idea of the game is still the same - you must fight against crowds of zombies and try to survive in this hell. Zombies are already here, so you will have to show all your shooting skills to reach your goal.

In Zombocalypse 2 you must unlock new territories and new levels, as well as new weapons. Most of the weapons are locked the at the beginning of the campaign, you will unlock them during your progress. I am sure you will enjoy the Zombocalypse 2 game at our website.


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